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Our Price: $15.98
1 African Dawn /Scrapbook
(with Jane Goodall)
WMA (2:25)
2 Great Heart
(Johnny Clegg)
WMA (2:12)
3 Hear Me Lord
(Bonnie Raitt)
WMA (5:09)
4 Scatterlings of Africa
(Johnny Clegg and Savuka)
WMA (3:48)
5 Umfazi Omdala
(Johnny Clegg)
WMA (1:43)
6 Wondering Where the Lions Are
(Bruce Cockburn)
WMA (3:39)
7 Tatazela
(Johnny Clegg)
WMA (1:24)
8 My Beautiful Baboon WMA (1:10)
9 Otana - My African Dream
(Claude Carmichael, George Marinelli, Tim Gaetano)
WMA (3:45)
10 Ndere
WMA (2:51)
11 Garden of Eden WMA (2:11)
12 After the Storm / Meet the Chimps WMA (2:45)
13 Trouble in Paradise WMA (1:30)
14 Epitaph WMA (1:09)
15 Family Tree WMA (1:01)
16 Jane's "Great Heart" WMA (2:57)
17 Wild Life
(Paul McCartney)

The new "Jane Goodall's Wild Chimpazees" soundtrack/compilation CD includes the gorgeous score by Amin Bhatia from the new IMAX film featuring songs and performances by South African legend Johnny Clegg with additional songs by Bonnie Raitt, Bruce Cockburn, Samite and Paul McCartney.

Musicians from all over the world have been brought together to make joyous music in support of the work of Dr. Goodall. This CD has been produced by Big Screen Music as a benefit for the Jane Goodall Institute.

Our Price: $15.98
1Greatest Creature1:41
2Chis' Theme3:02
3Bears ~ Lyle Lovett3:00
4Polar Bear Dancing/Wolf2:28
5Bear In Danger ~ Mary Youngblood4:38
6Global Warming1:23
7Till the Morning Comes ~ Carmichael/Wasner3:28
8Mother Bear / Teddy2:35
9The Peace of Wild Things ~ Paul Reisler4:12
10Ursa Major2:10
11Water Life ~ Lawrence Laughing3:20
14Bearly Hangin'On ~ Carmichael/Wasner3:37
15Scrappy's Theme2:12
16Sacred Landscapes ~ Alice Gomez3:43
18Guardian Spirit4:35

The luscious score of this IMAX film by Violaine Corradi features Lyle Lovett's song "Bears" as well as Lawrence Laughing, Paul Reisler, Alice Gomez, Claude Carmichael and Pete Wasner, and Grammy Award Winning Artist Mary Youngblood. Carmichael and Wasner's "Bearly Hanging On" won the Genesis Award for best song in 2002.

This CD has been produced as a benefit for the National Wildlife Federation.

Our Price: $15.98
1Sawtooth Mountain3:27
2Ly-o-Lay Ale Loya ~ Sacred Spirits5:09
3Aeolian Wind1:45
5Peyote Healing ~ Robbie Robertson, with Primeaux and Mike6:09
6In The Wild ~ Wolves0:38
7Deer Dance ~ Joanne Shenandoah3:52
8Musk Ox1:09
10The Whole Night Sky ~ Bruce Cockburn3:48
11North Fork Wolves ~ Paul Winter, with Wolves2:24
12Silent Wolf ~ Mary Youngblood2:49
14Death of a Legend (overture)0:59
15Wind and Wolves ~ Wolves0:31
16The Wolf and the Bear1:57
17Spirit of Winonah ~ Andy Quin4:06
18The Whippoorwill ~ Walela4:07
19Death of a Legend1:25

Michel Cusson's beautiful score for this IMAX film is complemented by the performances of Robbie Robertson, Bruce Cockburn, Sacred Spirits, Joanne Shenandoah, Walela, Paul Winter and Mary Youngblood. Winner of the Native American Music Award for best compilation album.

This CD has been produced as a benefit for the National Wildlife Federation.

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