Jane Goodall's
Wild Chimpanzees DVD

is a giant screen journey into the hearts, minds and world of wild chimpanzees with the world's most famous field researcher, Dr. Jane Goodall. Be among the few humans who have ventured into the realm of the wild chimpanzee to see them at close range.

Dr. Goodall's discoveries in forty years of research at Gombe - including her groundbreaking observations of chimpanzees making and using tools - have not only revolutionized our understanding of chimps, but ultimately of human behavior itself.

Take an extraordinary trip deep into Gombe and across four decades of research to experience the world of the chimpanzee as never seen before.

Video Clips From Jane Goodall's Wild Chimpanzees
The Making of the Music
The Making of the Music
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Jane Goodall's Wild Chimpanzees Trailer
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Jane Goodall's Wild Chimpanzees Web Site

A Message From Jane
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The Jane Goodall Institute Web Site

Bears DVD

The fourth giant-screen film produced by the National Wildlife Federation, Bears brings audiences nose-to-nose with grizzlies, polar bears and black bears in the full glory of their natural habitat. See what The Calgary Sun calls a "spectacularly filmed," "educational " and "visually-entertaining" movie about what may be the world's most legendary animals.

The luscious score of this IMAX film by Violaine Corradi features Lyle Lovett's song "Bears" as well as Lawrence Laughing, Paul Reisler, Alice Gomez, Claude Carmichael and Pete Wasner, and Grammy Award Winning Artist Mary Youngblood. Carmichael and Wasner's "Bearly Hanging On" won the Genesis Award for best song in 2002.

Wolves DVD

Bruce Cockburn, Walela, Robbie Robertson, Paul Winter, Sacred Spirits, Mary Youngblood, Joanne Shenandoah

A National Wildlife Federation Presentation of a Primesco Communications Film. Original Soundtrack Recording, "A Giant-screen experience.

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